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How Do We Personalise Canvas Café Banners?

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that you receive a quality café barrier product that will last a very long time.

We don’t just print your logo on the café barrier and café  banner material like other companies. We use a special process of colour separation on your logo and each colour is cut out of an actual coloured heat press material and applied using a special technique.

The sample shown is the Hard Rock Café, the logo was sent by the customer, this was then recreated as a vectorized graphic and then colour separated by our design team which is shown in the diagram to the right and each colour is then cut out of the relevant heat press material colour and then the colours are carefully applied on to the canvas banner material and then heat pressed onto the material with special equipment.

This gives a fantastic finish that will exude quality and also is very hard wearing and with stand up to the elements. the artwork materials used are fade resistant and will still look fantastic as time passes.

The Finished Hard Rock Café Barrier Below

Café barriers and café banners How We Personalise Canvas Café Banners
Café barriers and café banners How We Personalise Canvas Café Banners


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