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4* Heavy Duty Wooden Post Café Barriers System

£9.20£65.00 +VAT

This is our Heavy Duty Wooden Post Cafe Barriers system consisting of a 4″ thick post with detailed top & chrome weighted base with stainless steel brackets. These posts and bases weigh in at 14kg

Main Features

Stylish Wooden Heavy Duty Post with chrome base.

Three cross arm width options – 2000mm, 1500mm and 1200mm with chrome ends to match the bases.

A unique look different to the majority of all Cafe Barrier posts & bases on the market with polished chrome finish on the visible parts

Wall mounting brackets available and is compatible with both 4* normal posts & our planter options.

Choose Your Components Below.

£60.00 +VAT
£65.00 +VAT
£65.00 +VAT
£24.50 +VAT
£22.05 +VAT
£20.35 +VAT
£11.60 +VAT
£9.20 +VAT

Product Description

We designed the Heavy Duty Wooden Post Cafe Barriers system to stand out.

We crafted them to be stable yet chunky, providing a softer look that only wood can deliver.

Locations demanding more than a standard setup are well-suited for this system. Additionally, we fully pressure treat/tanalize the posts to ensure they withstand the test of time.

We offer the posts & bases in three options.

  • An end posts & base so for use when a system stops or does not continue.
  • A middle posts & base. These are for use as part of a run or multiples of the banners & cross arms.
  • Corner post & base. These are for the End of your chosen run of barriers to change direction.

You can quickly change all the posts and bases to become a middle end or corner one by simply adding or removing the brackets available separately.

You can also use these separate brackets as wall brackets.


  • Loop the graphic over the top and bottom cross arm
  • Three cross arm width options – 2000mm, 1500mm and 1200mm
  • Powder coated cross arms with chrome end
  • Strong, durable cross arms and post
  • Polished chrome finish on visible part
  • Wooden post with chrome base cove
  • Wall mounting bracket available

The cafe barrier system provides a superb marketing opportunity as well as a safe physical enclosure around your areas. It is DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) aware and has been designed with wheel chair friendly bases, as well a bottom support beam which has been specified to act as a tapping rail for the visually impaired.

4* Heavy Duty Wooden Post System

Price Each

Cafe Barrier Post & Base Unit End Post


Cafe Barrier Post & Base Unit Middle Post


Cafe Barrier Post & Base Unit Corner Post


Cafe Barrier Cross Beam 1200mm


Cafe Barrier Cross Beam 1500mm


Cafe Barrier Cross Beam 2000mm


Cafe Barrier Wall Fixing Bracket


Cafe Barrier Spring Clip (pair)


Heavy Duty Wooden Café Barriers System


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