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How We Print Digital PVC Banners

Café barriers and café banners How we print banners

Pennine Cafe Barriers design, print and finish all our Cafe banners in house. Our digitally printed cafe barriers are printed on our own Latex printer.Why do we print them on a Latex printer?

Firstly we print all of our cafe banners on our HP latex printer as Latex prints contain no hazardous air pollutants or solvents helping to create a more environmentally friendly working environment for our staff and customers.

Secondly turnaround time.

Graphics printed with standard solvent-based printer and inks require a period of 24 – 48 hours for the solvent fumes to dissipate, only after which can they be finished.

Our HP Latex prints require no curing or off-gassing times which is great for short deadlines.

Thirdly Latex prints are extremely durable and have a great UV and outdoor life span of years.

What do we print of Cafe banners on to?

Well its simple all our cafe banners and barriers are printed to only quality banner material.  Many companies say they print there cafe banners to 300gsm or 400gsm or 450gsm banner material but very few print them to a 450gsm material like we do. Our 450gsm banner material also has an anti rip fabric woven into it to help stop tears and rips.

So don’t be fooled not all digitally printed PVC cafe barriers are the same

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